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Automatic Card Charge

Set your account to automatically replenish funds when your balance is low. This guarantees that your service is never interrupted for payment.

Device Configuration

We offer sample configuration for many supported devices including Asterisk, Trixbox / FreePBX, Linksys PAP2, X-Lite, and other generic SIP devices. All configuration assistance is done through our friendly customer user portal.

Minute Rounding

All US48, CA and Toll Free calls are rounded to the nearest six second (known 6/6). International calls have a thirty second minimum once connected and then are rounded to the nearest six second (known as 30/6).

Volume Discounts

Volume pricing (typically 30% – 60% off of Vitelity Link links) is available through our wholesale program. Click here for more information

Vitelity Activation

All retail accounts are activated instantly with credit card payment. Once activated, you can order any services you may require and send calls to our network.

Refund Policy

We offer full refunds on your remaining pre-paid balance upon request for all payments made within 60 days. We do not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions such as Local DID’s or Toll Free numbers. There will be no refunds for one-time/setup fees. (ex: custom toll free numbers)

Billing and Usage

Vitelity offers prepaid services only. At the time of signup, you will provide a credit card in which we will charge your card the amount specified on the signup form. Upon transaction approval, your newly created account will be credited the entire charge amount.

Once you are a customer, you will be able to deposit money into your account using your credit card at any time. You must maintain a positive balance in order to continue service with Vitelity.

You can view your usage, billing details and call detail reports instantly online through our customer user portal.

Customer Portal

Vitelity’s custom user portal is simple, helpful and available to all of our customers.

Some features include:

· Instant DID Provisioning

· Support, including device configuration guides

· Instant access to Call Detail Reports

· Viewing billing history and making payments

· Local Number Portability

Extra Devices and Sub Accounts

Add devices for connection to the Vitelity voice network to make or receive calls. There is no per device cost and new SIP accounts can be added instantly from the customer user portal.

No Monthly Minimum

Start small, grow large. There is no monthly commitment for any of Vitelity’s Vitelity Link rates.

Supported Codecs

Vitelity currently supports the following codecs: Ulaw, Alaw, GSM and G729a.

As related to voice, a codec is the process of compressing and decompressing voice data. The G729a codec only uses 24kb of bandwidth on an average call whereas G711u utilizes up to 92kb.


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