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When you’re on Wifi, all of your calls are delivered to your phone system over the Internet at no charge to you. If your Wifi signal degrades or you walk away from your wireless router, your phone seamlessly moves to the cellular network without disconnecting your call. Whether you’re on cellular or Wifi, your calls are always connected to you or your customer’s Voice over IP PBX system without the use of an app or mobile data connection

Local DID numbers from Vitelity are available in 95% of the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada and Puerto Rico. We support over 12,000 rate centers and inventory over 450,000+ local DIDs which can be provisioned instantly though our user portal or API.

Inbound Toll Free service is available for dialing from the within the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, and Guam. Vitelity keeps thousands of Toll free numbers in stock for its customers to order and activate instantly. In addition, as an 800/SMS RESPORG, we can port your current toll free numbers to the Vitelity network. Note: We do not charge for outbound toll free.

Outbound SIP termination is available for dialing most destinations worldwide. Our blended retail termination rate for US48 (lower 48 states), Hawaii, and Canada services is 1.44¢ per minute; this includes all local or long distance calls. Wholesale customers get deeper discounts on the blended rate but also have access to a competitive NPA-NXX termination rate deck.

Vitelity’s vFax is a solid TDM-based virtual fax solution…not FoIP (Fax over IP). Our service is available in thousands of local rate centers nationwide including Toll Free at no additional cost. vFax provides a complete inbound/outbound faxing solution without the need for a traditional fax machine. Outbound faxes can be sent using our robust browser-based fax portal or directly from Microsoft Outlook; we also offer a stand-alone program to allow faxing directly from the desktop. All inbound faxes are received as Adobe PDF’s to your email address(s).

Vitelity offers some of the lowest virtual fax rates in the industry starting under $3/month.

FCC compliant 911/e911 services are available in the USA and Canada. Provisioning and updating 911/e911 information is quick and easy within the Vitelity user portal. Wholesale customers can also use our 911 API to provision emergency service on non-Vitelity DIDs. To view our 911 service terms and conditions click here.

411 Directory Assistance service is available by dialing any area code then 555-1212 or by dialing 411 directly on the Vitelity network. Please note that 411DA may not be available in all areas. Charges for 411DA calls are billed at 99 cents (USD) per call.

Inbound CNAM lets you see the name of the person or company who is calling before you answer. We use several national telecom databases to lookup the name before we send the call to your device. We now offer CNAM as a flat-rate monthly fee versus the standard per “dip” or lookup charge. Note: CNAM is only provided if the caller’s name is listed in the national database.

Outbound Caller ID with Name allows you set the name people see on their caller ID when you make outbound calls. There is a one-time charge of $10 for each DID number that is published to the national CNAM (aka LIDB) database. Note: It may take up to thirty days for outbound caller ID name to become active on the network.

Voicemail is available (at no extra cost) on all Vitelity accounts at no extra charge. When a voicemail is received, a recording of the message (in .WAV format) will be emailed to the subscriber’s email address on file. In addition, we now offer voicemail transcription or voice mail to text service as an option. Our powerful transcription engine will accurately take the content of the voicemail and then convert it to text so you can read it within your email client.

By peering with some of the world’s largest telecom providers we can provide coverage to most destinations on the globe. We do not use “black” or “grey” carriers so call quality is superior. To see our competitive rates click here, Note: All outbound international calls are billed in 30/6 second increments.

Wholesale A-Z rates are also available. Contact your sales rep for details.

Vitelity can get your new VoIP number and name listed in the national 411 Directory Assistance databases. This service can be added to many of Vitelity’s numbers for as little as $1.00 per month for each listing.

Our Virtual PRI service (sometimes called channelized DID) is available to customers who wish to pay by the channel (includes unlimited minutes) instead of pay per minute. Note: This service is limited to local Tier A (RBOC) and is inbound only. PRI service is not available on Toll Free numbers.

You may port your existing Local, Toll Free, or fax number to Vitelity from your current provider. As long as your number is located in one of our 12,000+ local rate centers you can move it to our network; click here http://www.vitelity.com/local_did_coverage to see if your number qualifies. As a 800/SMS RESPORG, Vitelity can port any Toll Free number to our network.

Note: Actual porting times may vary but you should expect 3-4 weeks on average to have your number ported.

Call Forwarding is quick and easy within the Vitelity user portal. Don’t have a SIP device or PBX? No problem! You can forward any of our local and toll free voice numbers (including international) to a valid 10-digit NANP (North American Numbering Plan) number. Note: Forwarding costs usually include two call paths and the rate is based on the sum of those two call paths.

Set your account to automatically replenish funds (using your credit card) when your balance gets below a certain amount specified by you. We also have the ability to add a backup credit card if the primary card fails or declines.

You can setup our billing system to notify you via email when your account balance gets below a certain amount.

Need to register more than one VoIP device or a customer’s device to the Vitelity network? No problem. With our Sub Accounts feature you can add unlimited peering end points such as ATA’s, PBX’s, or Softphones with just a few clicks of a mouse. We support both IP-based peering as well as registration-based peering. Note: CDR’s (Call Detail Records) for each peering endpoint can be filtered for quick and easy billing/reconciliation.

On the support page in the Vitelity user portal you can find numerous sample configurations for many popular SIP platforms including Asterisk, Trixbox, Switchvox, Elastix, and SIP devices like the Linksys PAP2 VoIP adapter and X-Lite softphones.

With our Vitelity Link service you won’t see any hidden setup fees or long term contracts. Service is month-to-month and we even include a 30-day money back (minus any usage) guarantee if you are not complete satisfied.

All domestic calls (USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico) are rounded to the nearest six second (6/6). International calls have a thirty second minimum once connected and then are rounded to the nearest six second (known as 30/6). For example, a 30 second call to a USA number would be billed for 36 seconds and a 20 second call to Africa would be billed at 30 seconds.

Vitelity is 100% pre-paid. At the time of signup, you will provide a credit card in which we will charge your card an initial $35 pre-pay (to create an initial positive account balance). Once you have access to your account management portal you will be able to deposit money into your account using your credit card or Pay Pal at any time. You must maintain a positive balance in order to continue service with Vitelity. See the Auto Replenishment and Notifications information on this page for information on how to keep your account funded.

SIP (Vitelity default) – Session Initiation Protocol is a signaling protocol used to create, manage and terminate sessions in an IP based network. A session could be a simple two-way telephone call or it could be a collaborative multi-media conference session. This makes it possible to implement services like voice-enriched e-commerce, web page click-to-dial or Instant Messaging with buddy lists in an IP based environment. Don’t worry if you don’t know about these services. You don’t need to know them before you learn about SIP.

As related to voice, a codec is the process of compressing and decompressing voice data. Vitelity currently supports the following codecs:

G.711(Vitelity default)

G.711 is a high bit rate (64 Kbps) ITU standard codec. It is the native language of the modern digital telephone network.

Although formally standardized in 1988, the G.711 PCM codec is the granddaddy of digital telephony. Invented by Bell Systems and introduced in the early 70′s, the T1 digital trunk employed an 8-bit uncompressed Pulse Code Modulation encoding scheme with a sample rate of 8000 samples per second. This allowed for a (theoretical) maximum voice bandwidth of 4000 Hz. A T1 trunk carries 24 digital PCM channels multiplexed together. The improved European E1 standard carries 30 channels.

There are two versions: A-law and U-law. U-law is indigenous to the T1 standard used in North America and Japan. The A-law is indigenous to the E1 standard used in the rest of the world. The difference is in the method the analog signal being sampled. In both schemes, the signal is not sampled linearly, but in a logarithmic fashion. A-law provides more dynamic range as opposed to U-law. The result is a less ‘fuzzy’ sound as sampling artifacts are better suppressed.

Using G.711 for VoIP will give the best voice quality; since it uses no compression and it is the same codec used by the PSTN network and ISDN lines, it sounds just like using a regular or ISDN phone. It also has the lowest latency (lag) because there is no need for compression, which costs processing power. The downside is that it takes more bandwidth then other codecs, up to 84 Kbps including all TCP/IP overhead. However, with increasing broadband bandwidth, this should not be a problem.


G.729 is an ITU standard codec

It offers toll quality speech at a reasonably low bit rate of 8Kbps. However, it is a rather “costly” codec in terms of CPU processing time, therefore some VoIP phones and adapters (notably the Linksys/Sipura/Cisco brands) can only handle one G.729 call (channel) at a time. This can cause calls to fail if the user attempts to use three-way calling, or place simultaneous calls on both lines of a two-line device, and G.729 is the only allowed codec.

Use of this codec in a product requires licensing. Licenses can be purchased from a company that re-sells G.729 licenses such as Digium.


GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is a cellular phone system standard popular outside the USA.

GSM includes a codec, often just referred to as the GSM when discussing codecs.

The original ‘Full Rate’ GSM speech codec is named RPE-LTP (Regular Pulse Excitation Long-Term Prediction). This codec uses the information from previous samples (this information does not change very quickly) in order to predict the current sample. The speech signal is divided into blocks of 20 ms. These blocks are then passed to the speech codec, which has a rate of 13 kbps, in order to obtain blocks of 260 bits.

Volume pricing is available and based on a commitment of at least $299/month as part of our wholesale program. On average, our wholesale pricing is at least 30% to 60% lower than our advertised Vitelity Link (retail) pricing. With volume, you could see discounts 80% or more off of retail. Contact our wholesale sales to see how much you could save.

Our robust customer portal is second to none. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and offers quick-access to every feature and function the Vitelity service has to offer. After your initial signup, you’ll get access to this portal and then you can:

• Order Toll Free/Local DIDs
• DID routing
• Virtual PRI management
• Add/update E911
• Enable SMS
• Create/manage sub accounts
• Order teleFAX services
• Submit & Track LNP requests
• Download CDRs
• Enable Auto Replenishment
• Setup & listen to Voicemails
• Call Forwarding
• Call Failover
• Voice Prompts
• Credit card failover
• Open & manage support ticket
• Coming soon…real-time reporting for channels, call logs, and billing.

API (Application Programming Interface) Vitelity offers a robust XML-based API that allows wholesale customers to easily integrate the provisioning of Vitelity’s voice, vFax, and SMS offerings directly in their own website/user portal.

For more information on our API features, please contact our wholesale sales department.

Vitelity now offers international DID’s in over 60 countries with very competitive pricing. In addition, each international DID includes the same great features (minus 911 and CNAM) as our domestic DIDs. Click http://www.vitelity.com/international_did_search for coverage and pricing

Many of our DID’s are SMS-capable which are accessible via our desktop client, over Jabber, or through a robust API for technology integrators.