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Product Pricing

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  • USA & Canada

    1.2¢ /minute

Nobody does Origination better than Vitelity. With direct access to dozens of CLEC’s (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) we provide crystal clear inbound call routing to your local DIDs. Our local Origination pricing is easy to understand too. We won’t confuse you with Tier 0, Tier X, Tier Z, Tier D, etc. Instead, we make it simple with one Tier of service for all areas.

  • US48
    (pay per minute DID)

    $1.49 /month
    $1 activation fee*

  • Canada
    (pay per minute DID)

    $1.49 /month

  • Unlimited

    $7.95 /month
    (includes 4 channels,
    unlimited inbound)

Vitelity offers local DIDs (telephone numbers) in over 13,500 rate centers in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We currently inventory over 150,000 local numbers with direct access to over million. With Vitelity, you don’t have to buy in blocks either, you can view available numbers in any rate center and pick just one or hundreds…it’s up to you. In addition, our numbers are instantly active, unlike other providers who make you wait hours or even days to provision a number.

All Vitelity DIDs come with free voicemail, voicemail transcription, and SMS text messaging, and many other features.

Toll Free Origination and Telephone Numbers (DIDs)

  • USA numbers

    2.4¢ /minute
    $1.49 /month

  • Hawaii

    2.4¢ /minute
    $1.49 /month

  • Alaska

    15¢ /minute
    $1.49 /month

  • Canada

    7¢ /minute
    $1.49 /month

  • Caribbean

    7.5¢ /minute
    $1.49 /month

  • Puerto Rico

    7.5¢ /minute
    $1.49 /month

  • Guam

    19¢ /minute
    $1.49 /month

Like local DIDs, we inventory Toll Free numbers for the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Guam. All Toll Free DIDs come with instant activation and you can pick the number that’s right for you directly from our portal. We also offer the ability to look up custom or vanity Toll Free numbers.

Our monthly rates are among the lowest you’ll find.

As a certified 800/SMS RESPORG we can provide carrier-grade inbound Toll Free at unbeatable prices. We currently offer Toll Free inbound Origination in the US48, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

All Vitelity DIDs come with free voicemail, voicemail transcription, and SMS text messaging, and many other features.

International DID Numbers

Vitelity is pleased to announce that we now offer international DIDs in hundreds of rate centers in over 60 countries.

Features include:

  • Reduced introductory special rates
  • Low monthly flat rate - get pricing here
  • Unlimited incoming minutes
  • Same features as our standard domestic DIDs
  • Can be used for Calling Cards
  • Instantly available through our award-winning user portal
  • Wholesale discounts available

Note: Additional channels available in most rate centers at extra cost. Please contact Vitelity sales department for pricing and availability.

Flat rate or Channelized “virtual PRI” Services

  • 2-5

    $20 /Channel
    $1 /DID

  • 6-14

    $19 /Channel
    $1 /DID

  • 5-22

    $18 /Channel
    $1 /DID

  • 23-100

    $17 /Channel
    $1 /DID

  • 100+


Looking for flat-rate or unlimited inbound service with no restrictions? No problem! You can add one or more virtual PRI’s to your account directly in our customer portal. No need to schedule a service call, just login and specify the number of channels you want (minimum: 2). Need to add more channels? You can upgrade a PRI at any time.

Outbound Termination (Domestic and International)

  • US48, Hawaii, Canada

    1.44¢ /minute

Using our extensive network, you can make outbound calls to anywhere in the US48, Hawaii, and Canada for one low flat rate. While traditional carriers confuse you with interstate – intrastate – interlata – or intralata jargon it’s easy to get overcharged by hundreds of dollars. Whether you are calling the neighbor next door or calling a client in Canada you always know what you’re paying with Vitelity.

Call just about anywhere on the planet using Vitelity’s A-Z termination services. We offer premium routes though the world’s top backbone providers at very competitive prices. Search A-Z International Rates.


  • E911

    $1.49 /month per DID provisioned

Complete FCC-compliant 911 service in the USA and Canada. Many of our development and engineering staff have extensive E911 backgrounds so we understand how to provision and process 911 calls providing you with peace of mind.

When seconds count, call the E911 experts!

CNAM (Inbound and Outbound)

  • CNAM (Inbound)

    .009¢ per dip/query
    $1.10/month for unlimited DIPs (priced per DID)
    Wholesale Discounts Available

Get Caller ID with Name on all inbound calls to any DID provisioned on Vitelity’s network. We offer competitive “per DIP/query” pricing as well as very low flat-rate service.

  • CNAM (Outbound)

    $10 One-time non-reoccurring charge plus $1.49 per month

If you own a business or have business customers, we can provide the ability to have your company name published to the CNAM database so that when you make a call, your information is displayed to the other party.

411 Directory Assistance

  • 411 Directory Assistance Call

    99¢ /call

Get help when you need it. We offer nationwide 411 Directory Assistance on any of our DIDs.

  • 411 Directory Assistance Listings

    $5 /month

Get your business listed in the 411 database. Note: Not available in all areas, some restrictions apply.

Vanity Toll Free

  • Vanity Toll Free

    $15 One time non-reoccurring charge

Stand out from the crowd with a Vanity Toll Free number. Studies have shown that customers have an easier time remembering a catchy phrase versus a random number sequence. Within the Vitelity customer portal, you can search for a Vanity Toll Free Number such as 1-855-GET-HOME or 1-888-BUY-CARS.

Local Number Portability (LNP)

  • Local Number Portability (LNP)

    $5 /local port   |   $0 /Toll Free port   |   $5 / vFax port

Keep your existing local or Toll free phone number by porting it to Vitelity’s world-class network. Number portability is often confusing and time consuming; our dedicated LNP department is there to make this process as quick and painless as possible. Bulk discounts are avalable on an individual case basis. Contact us today to get a quote to port your numbers. All Toll Free numbers are portable.

  • SMS / Text Messaging

    USA, Canada, and Toll Free Free Messaging
    International in/outbound: 4.9¢ /message

IT Expo’s Most Innovative New product for 2009 and 2010 allows you to send and receive SMS text messages directly to/from your computer or smart phone/tablet. With Vitelity’s SMS service you don’t need a mobile device. You can activate it on nearly any Vitelity DID in most rate centers in the USA/Canada free of charge..

Use your smart phone, tablet or computer to connect to our SMS service free.

Text Messaging on Vitelity phone numbers is for Person to Person communication only. If you wish to write programs, or interact with your customers from an application, check out our Shortcode SMS Messaging product.

  • Shortcode SMS Messaging

    $7.50 per keyword monthly / 2 cents per message
    Sub keywords are free

Shortcode services allow you to create predefined auto responses to inbound shortcode texts or to create dynamically created content with URL posts and responses. You can also manage contact lists and send bulk messages to your customers.

  • vFax DID – US48

    $2.99/month   |   3¢ /minute inbound   |   3¢ /minute outbound

Not fax over VoIP or T-38 fax, our vFax platform is a virtual inbound/outbound faxing solution with a 99.93% success rate on all types of faxes. Most other providers fax solutions are based on the unstable and unreliable T-38 protocol. Ours is based on rock-solid TDM technology that allows you to send hundred page documents with multiple attachments and file formats. Our vFax service is also convenient. You can send and receive a fax anywhere in the world with internet access and a web browser.

  • 2GB

    15MB Unmetered

More Options

  • Intel P4

    $70 (plus setup)
    20MB Unmetered

  • Intel Dual
    Core 3.0ghz

    $99 (plus setup)
    15MB Unmetered

  • Server

    $99 (plus setup)
    15MB Unmetered

  • Full Cabinet
    plus 20Amps

    $699 (plus setup)
    100MB Unmetered

Vitelity offers PBX hosting and colocation services in our data center in Denver, Colorado. All servers have direct access to our 50Gbit IP network and all of our Tier 1 backbone providers. We offer same day service and your choice of the most popular PBX platforms like Asterisk, Incredible PBX, Elastix, FreePBX, 3CX, FreeSWITH and more.

Wholesale Pricing

Interested in receiving more information about Vitelity’s wholesale service?

Please use our contact form and a sales representative will contact you within one business day.

You may also reach us at:
      (888) 898-4835 (inside US)

      (303) 997-2300 (outside US)

      Monday – Friday

      9:30am to 5:30pm MST

All of Vitelity’s wholesale services have a $299 per month minimum commitment with ramp-up available.