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Full-featured hosted PBX for only $29.00/month*

Vitelity is pleased to offer complete VoIP server Hosting and Colocation services in our VoIP-Optimized data center in Denver, CO. Don’t put your business-critical telephony in the hands of a hosting company who doesn’t know VoIP…go with the PBX hosting experts.

  • All popular PBX platforms supported including FreePBX®, Elastix®, Incredible PBX, Asterisk®, FreeSWITCH and 3CX®
  • We have certified technicians onsite to configure and support your hosted PBX
  • Same-day turnaround in most cases
  • VitelShield standard on all virtual server plans. Note: VitelShield available on dedicated servers by request.
  • Bandwidth and power included*

*if majority of voice traffic is on hosted servers routing to Vitelity

Virtual Hosted Server

  • 2GB RAM

    (plus $39 setup fee)
    40GB HDD

Dedicated Servers

  • Intel P4
    2.66 GHz 

    (plus $69 setup fee)
    1GB ECC RAM (4GB max)
    1 x 40GB HDD

  • Dell PowerEdge 850 3.0 GHz Dual Core

    (plus $99 setup fee)
    2GB ECC RAM (8GB max)
    2 x 160GB HDD
    software RAID 1 included

  • Intel Dual Quad-Core Xeon 1.8 GHz

    (plus $99 setup fee)
    4GB ECC RAM (32GB max)
    2 x 250GB HDD
    software RAID 1 included

  • Dedicated Server Options

    Extra RAM (2GB) = $10/month   |   Server Virtualization = $99 one-time fee
    Hardware RAID (dual and quad-core only) = $20/month

Server Colocation

  • Server

    $99 (plus setup)

  • Full Cabinet
    plus 20Amps

    $699 (plus setup)

Vitelity offers PBX hosting and colocation services in our data center in Denver, Colorado. All servers have direct access to our 50Gbit IP network and all of our Tier 1 backbone providers. We offer same day service and your choice of the most popular PBX platforms like Asterisk®, FreePBX, Elastix, Incredible PBX, FreeSwitch, 3CX, and more.

To order a hosted PBX or to setup colocation, please call 888-898-4835 or email.

FreePBX® is a Registered Trademark of Schmooze Com, Inc.